Obesity in the workplace: is your employer responsible?

We’re all told that sitting is the new smoking but how much is really being done to tackle obesity in the workplace? Startling statistics from insurance company, UNUM, reveal that 64% of UK adults are now classed as overweight or obese. Yet while the majority of office workers remain seated for up to ten hours a day, less than a third of employers provide any opportunity to exercise.  Should your boss be in charge of your waistline? Find out what office workers really think in this startling infographic.

Obesity in the workplace infograhic providing stats on workplace wellbeing

UNUM insurance Obesity in the workplace in statistics

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Set adrift in float spa bliss at floatworks

Reduced blood pressure, better sleep and stress relief on a par with medication drugs: it seems there’s no end to the benefits of float therapy.  In an increasingly over-stimulated working world, could an hour of sensory deprivation be the answer to workplace stress?  Intrigued, I popped down to  floatworks in Vauxhall to drift off for an hour in a parallel float spa universe of blissful relaxation.

interior view of the floatworks float spa in Vauxhall, London

floatworks floatworks float spa reception area

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Exploring Okuda’s street art after work

Scurrying back and forth to work under sludgy February skies, I decided it was time to inject some colour into my life.  And what better way to do so than to experience Okuda’s street art exhibition, Lost Olympus, at the Stolen Space Gallery.  Mixing with surreal, mythological characters proved just the company I needed to lift the spirits on an otherwise mundane, Thursday evening after work.

Refugee Goddess by Okuda, Stolen Space Gallery

Refugee Goddess by Okuda

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Light box therapy in your lunch break

Scuttling to and from work in perpetual darkness has left many office workers, like myself, weary and depleted.  Was it only a month since the Christmas holidays?  Rallying to the rescue is the food and juice bar, Crussh, who have very kindly opened up the capital’s first pop-up vitamin D and light box therapy bar.  Seeking the light, I scuttled round during my lunch break to get a well-earned dose of artificial rays.

Vitamin D pop-up bar sign in Crussh in New Street Square

Vitamin D pop-up bar in Crussh in the City of London.

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Surprising sights on my way to work: the Bell Tower of St Alban

In 2017, we’re starting a new series of photo posts on the surprising sights that we pass every day on our way to work. From amazing architecture to hidden garden squares, there’s a wider world to discover if you take a closer look around you.

street view of the Tower of St Alban, City of London

The Tower of St Alban, City of London


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The top Office Breaks of 2016 revealed

As 2017 kicks in, we look back on another year of office breaks.  From a day trip to the end of the world to bank holiday weekends in Bavaria and Bohemia; it’s been an action packed year.  We share with you a few of our favourite memories which hopefully may inspire your own breaks out of the office during 2017.

The view from Freiburg Cathedral onto the main square

Views from Freiburg Cathedral

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Bridgedale compression socks review

No longer just for grandma, compression socks have become a staple of the long-haul packing list. Adopted by canny flyers everywhere, the socks are worn as much for their comfort as they are for their ability to prevent DVT and leg swelling.  With a family history of blood clots and a dread of “cankles” (swollen ankles), I agreed to try a pair of Bridgedale compression socks on my recent twelve-hour flight to South Africa.

Flight arrival in Cape Town, South Africa

Arriving in Cape Town

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Back to Bedlam at Bethlem Museum of the Mind

A startling one in four Brits will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime.  With workplace stress viewed as a major cause of mental health issues, a range of well being initiatives from healthy eating to exercise programmes are now the order of the day in most offices.  But how have treatments changed in recent times?  I went along to the Bethlem Museum of the Mind to find out.

video screens at Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Bethlem Museum of the Mind exhibition room

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October Plenty Autumn Harvest Festival in photos

October Plenty is an autumn harvest festival which is held each October in Southwark. A colourful procession of medieval pageantry weaves its way through the ancient cobbled streets of the Thames walkway to Borough market.   Led by the formidable Green Man, the procession is a joyful celebration of the passing seasons and the abundance of the harvest.

close up of the Green Man at the October Plenty Autumn Harvest Festival

The October Plenty Autumn Harvest Festival

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A post-work tonic at the City of London Distillery

It’s official, gin is the new vodka with £1 billion of sales recorded for the first time this year.  And where better to sink a post-work G&T or two than the City of London Distillery.  Rising up from its ashes, you can now work your way through more than 380 gins in their clandestine, basement bar.  Flexing my tasting muscles, it was a tough assignment but someone had to do it.

close up of the bar area at the City of London Gin Distillery

City of London Gin Distillery

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