My top 5 lunch break travel reads

As spring-time beckons, there’s nothing like reading a good book in the park to transport you from the day’s stress.  Offering an instant gateway into exotic lands,
travel books provide blissful escapism and a chance to relax and unwind during your lunch break.    From the bubbling cauldrons of Marrakesh to America’s wide open plains, here’s my top 5 lunch break travel reads that continue to inspire my own personal journey.

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Walking the Camino De Santiago with Steve Marriott

Have you ever gazed wistfully out your office window and longed for the open road?  If you’ve ever dreamed of a world of calm, devoid of social media updates and the daily commute, you’re not alone.  Every year, more than one hundred thousand people turn their back on modern life to walk the mysterious pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Intrigued, I caught up with Steve Marriott whose new book Candyfloss Guitar was inspired by his own experiences walking the Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago

Steve Marriott Camino de Santiago

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