Office romance: high risk or the path to lasting love?

As Valentine’s Day returns, office romances are thriving with nearly 40% of
office workers finding love between the spreadsheets. This is just one of many
fascinating vital statistics revealed in CareerBuilder’s Office Romance survey.
A high-risk career strategy or the path to everlasting love?  We reveal all………

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Office romance: still a trend in today’s offices

Two in five office workers (39%) have dated someone who works for the same
company.  And despite the popularity of swiping right, relationships formed in the
office lead to more wedding bells than those formed online.

Is office romance the path to lasting love? 

Well over a third, (36%) of office romances led to marriage.  This evidence is
supported by the fact that 19% of office workers stated they felt attracted to
those in a similar job – demonstrating the importance of shared interests,
values and ambitions to lasting relationships.

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Despite the enduring appeal of the office romance, there’s still a perceived
reputational risk. 44% of office workers have chosen to keep their romance
with 37% rumbled whilst out on a date. This is particularly alarming
news for the 28% of office workers who have dated a married co-worker.

Love knows no bounds when it comes to hierarchy either. 41% of office workers
have dated someone in a higher position while 24% have gone straight to the top
by dating the boss.

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So where does it all begin?

Not by the water cooler it would seem. The most popular time for romance to blossom is during happy hour with 17% of co-workers falling under the influence of half price Mojitos. Lunches out and corporate holidays  are also hot contenders on the love front. The pressures of working on a project together appear to bring team mates closer together too with 12% of office workers meeting this way.

The CareerBuilder survey was based on a sample of 1000 office workers across industries and company sizes.

Have you ever had an office romance?  Do you view office romances positively or negatively?  Please share your thoughts.

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