Top Office Breaks of 2014

As the working year draws to a close, what will you remember most from 2014? While career satisfaction is vital to our happiness, it’s the experiences that we have outside work that create our lasting memories.  For me, it’s the thrill of trying something completely new and this year that’s ranged from my first night time trek to dining at her Majesty’s pleasure in Brixton prison.   As I look back on a packed 2014, here’s a selection of my favourite office breaks.

costumed woman at the Venice Carnival

Office Breaks Venice Carnival

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An afternoon at Art of the Brick

As a former lego fan, it was with nostalgic wonder that I noticed The Art of the Brick.  Boldly going beyond the realm of spacecraft kits, the exhibition promised to elevate the humble plastic brick into an art form.  Intrigued though not entirely convinced lego could be called art, I booked an afternoon off to discover the lofty heights my beloved bricks have now reached.

man holding child made out of lego

Office Breaks My Boy, The Art of the Brick

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