Office romance: high risk or the path to lasting love?


As Valentine’s Day returns, office romances are thriving with nearly 40% of
office workers finding love between the spreadsheets. This is just one of many
fascinating vital statistics revealed in CareerBuilder’s Office Romance survey.
A high-risk career strategy or the path to everlasting love?  We reveal all………

close up of loveheart sweets on a wall - office romance - the path to everlasting love

Sha Office romance

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30,000 cups of tea: A British office worker’s life laid bare

One office romance, 30,000 cups of tea and 705 minor disagreements,
(some of which undoubtedly are about the tea round); mark the passage of
the average British office worker’s 47 years of active service.  These findings
are part of a brand new study commissioned by The Association of
Accounting Technicians which provides a fascinating snapshot of how we
work now.

Snapshot of office life infographic

Office Breaks Snapshot of office life

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