Office Breaks alternative New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: positive change or tortuous failure? If you fall into the latter camp, you’re not alone. A staggering 92% of us will see our best intentions slide into the abyss by February.  Tired of trying to be a better me, I’ve decided not to bother. This year, the focus is on experimenting with new activities, discovering new destinations and most of all – having fun in the process.  Hula hooping, bounding through Bohemia and savouring high class chips are the order of the day in in 2016.

Office Breaks Alternative New Years Resolutions

Office Breaks Office Breaks Alternative New Years Resolutions

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After work at Savage Beauty

As Alexander McQueen fever hits London, Working Process and Savage Beauty were two of my must-see exhibitions of the year. Featuring the largest retrospective of his work in Europe, the lavish garments on display at Savage Beauty had me reviewing my staid, work wardrobe with some disdain.  From slinky shell dresses to raffish tartan and taffeta numbers, the fabulously flamboyant world of McQueen whisks you out of the conformity of the corporate world and into journeys you never believed were possible.

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How to have more fun and less stress in 2017

How are the New Year’s resolutions going?   Are you finding it all a bit of a chore?  I know I am failing miserably to renounce my 4.00pm twix cravings and to maintain a facade of inner calm when faced with a printer that has jammed three times this morning already.

China man felt ornament - an afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year

Office Breaks An afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year

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