Trek and tour: 5 city breaks offering mountain escapes

With annual leave disappearing like snow off a dyke, it’s important to cram as much as we can into the our precious holiday entitlement.  If like me, you love the buzz of the city and the solitude of the great outdoors – why not enjoy both by seeking city breaks that offer mountain escapes.  I’ve hand-picked five radically different destinations where you can spend the day clambering up mountains and be back in time for evening cocktails. 

city breaks with mountain escapes Alhambra Palace

Antonio Cinotti Alhambra Palace

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Live in a palace for the price of a 1- 6 zone travel card

After the expense of the festive season, a short break somewhere exotic at this time of year  can seem like a distant dream.    However for £300.00, you can fly to hip Marrakesh and live in your very own riad for the same cost as a monthly commute with a 1-6 zone travel card on the tube.  Sound too good to be true?  I tested out Expedia’s  claims.

riad, marrakesh, morocco, courtyard

Riad in Marrakesh

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