The future of office life revealed

Over the last twenty years, working life has changed out of all recognition and with it our expectations of how, where and when we work.  As technology continues to advance at a frightening pace, how will offices operate in the future?  Perhaps they’ll cease to exist altogether as we all revert to pyjama-clad recluses working from home on a permanent basis.  A new report from Sodexo gives us a hint of what’s in store now and in the future.

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5 reasons why your office job beats going freelance

With self-employment in the UK at the highest levels since records began, an exodus is taking place in offices across the land. But while there are undisputed benefits to the freelance lifestyle, there are many things we take for granted about office life that are sorely missed when we clear our desk for good.  Having endlessly mentally wrestled with both scenarios, here are my top five reasons why I believe the grass remains greener on the office side of the fence.

close up of grass in a meadow

Adam Meek On the Green

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