Exploring Shoreditch street art on my way to work

Deviating from my usual route to work this week, I decided to venture out of the Square Mile to the hipster enclave of Shoreditch.  Better known for its beards and skinny jeans, it’s also home to an explosive graffiti art scene where skulls, starfish and eagles scream out from derelict buildings.

close up of woman's face on Sclater Street, Shoreditch in London

Graffiti art on Sclater Street in Shoreditch, London

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Surprising sights on my way to work: the Bell Tower of St Alban

In 2017, we’re starting a new series of photo posts on the surprising sights that we pass every day on our way to work. From amazing architecture to hidden garden squares, there’s a wider world to discover if you take a closer look around you.

street view of the Tower of St Alban, City of London

The Tower of St Alban, City of London


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