5 ways to rock working from home

Second only to a salary increase, working from home is one of the top perks that office workers look for in a new job.  Sadly only 6% of jobs advertise this benefit.  But if you’re one of the lucky few who can kiss goodbye to the commute, how do you cope with this new found freedom?  Here’s my top 5 tips to getting the most from working from home.

close up of knitted sock monkey slippers

mo1229 knitted sock monkey slippers

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Work Wise Week 2017: 5 easy ways to boost your productivity at work

With the dreaded end of year appraisals under way, now’s the time to reflect on your year’s achievements.  Did you get everything done that you wanted to?  Or were there certain tasks that remained neglected all year?  To mark Work Wise Week 2017 , we’ve come up with 5 easy ways to boost your productivity at work. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got, so now’s the time to grab the bull by the horns and turbo-charge your work efficiency in 2017.

close up of two sets of post-it notes at work

Dean Hochman Post-it notes

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7 simple steps to regain the holiday feeling at work

With our carefree holiday spirit left languishing by the sun loungers, we’re back to the harsh realities of work. Faced with the prospect of performance reviews and back-to-back deadlines, it’s all too easy to become mired in melancholy this autumn.  But what if you could regain the holiday feeling at work?  These seven uplifting steps won’t bring afternoon cocktails to your desk but will boost your spirits in the run up to your next travel adventure.

two sun loungers positioned at the end of a jetty

Kemal Kestelli Infinity pool

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Office Breaks alternative New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: positive change or tortuous failure? If you fall into the latter camp, you’re not alone. A staggering 92% of us will see our best intentions slide into the abyss by February.  Tired of trying to be a better me, I’ve decided not to bother. This year, the focus is on experimenting with new activities, discovering new destinations and most of all – having fun in the process.  Hula hooping, bounding through Bohemia and savouring high class chips are the order of the day in in 2016.

Office Breaks Alternative New Years Resolutions

Office Breaks Office Breaks Alternative New Years Resolutions

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December office survival guide

December Office Survival Guide: Secret Santa shopping, office party politics and the frantic rush to meet early deadlines can make December feel like an endurance test. Perpetual darkness, hangovers from hell and energy-sapping festive lattes all take their toll as we crawl towards the holidays. If you’re struggling to get your mojo back in December, read our top tips to keep you fizzing long after the Christmas Party Prosecco bottles have popped.

Office Christmas decorations - December office survival guide

Office Breaks Office Christmas decorations

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The ultimate Secret Santa gift guide

With the office Christmas party rearing its head, Secret Santa shopping’s driving fear and loathing into the hearts of office workers across the capital.  Like a game of office Russian Roulette: who you get and what you buy has repercussions for the rest of the year. To help you tackle this most perilous of tasks, we’ve devised a list of fail safe secret Santa gift ideas to suit every office type.

Secret Santa gift ideas

Kevin Dooley Secret Santa gift ideas

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5 body language secrets to career success

It takes one tenth of a second to form an opinion of someone yet 90% of us have no idea of how we come across to others.   This startling fact was revealed during an evening workshop run by RADA Communications Skills Trainer, Lisa Akesson, as part of LinkedIn’s Skills For Tomorrow campaign.  Could negative body language be hampering your quest for career success?  Check out these secret techniques now.

men and women sitting on the tube - 5 body language secrets to career success

Gideon 5 body language secrets to career success

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5 ways to squirrel away your salary for a trip of a lifetime

With the summer holidays already a distant memory, dark winter days
are casting a menacing shadow over our lives.  But what if you had the means
to nip off for a luxury weekend in Dubai or a short break to the sunny south of France?  With these nifty, thrifty tips you could be swapping sarnies at Pret for a Croque
Madame on the Cote D’Azur.

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