Are you a weekend fantasist?

Do you ever embellish the truth about your weekends?  If so, you’re not alone as new research from has revealed that one in five of us lie about our weekends. From spontaneous trips away to swimming with dolphins, there’s no end to the fantasies concocted to impress colleagues on a Monday morning.  If you’ve ever been tempted to enhance your out-of-office life, you may identify with some of these findings.

Fake Britain Fake Britain

It’s no longer all about pay and promotions, colleagues are now competing for the best story to regale on a Monday morning.  An astonishing two in five of weekend fantasists create stories to mask unfulfilling weekends while one in five are so bored with their weekends that they invent adventures as a talking point for their Monday morning coffee.

A ruthless few (and we all know one) make a point of chatting to every single person in the office at the start of the week to boast about their imaginary escapades. This fantasy life also extends into the realms of social media with four million faked posts doing the rounds on Monday mornings.  If you want to do more with your free time, check out our tips on how to transform your leave in 2015.  Have you ever lied about your weekend?  We’d love to hear your confessions below.

Fake Britain

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