Venice Carnival Weekend Escape


Trussed up in feathers, flounces and furls, the masked figures at the Venice Carnival seem a world away from the uniform skirts, suits and jeans that now dominate office life. But like the mysterious Carnival figures, our true selves are often masked by the requirements of our 9-to-5 roles.  Perhaps it’s only when we’re dressed up in disguise that we have the freedom to express who we really are. With these thoughts in mind, I jetted off to Venice to find out what the fascination with fancy dress is all about.

costumed woman at the Venice Carnival

Office Breaks Venice Carnival

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5 reasons why Australia is the ultimate break for London’s office worker

Scuttling into the office along wind-whipped, congested streets, the call of golden beaches, sunshine and wide open spaces has an irresistible appeal at this time of year.  And with two-hour flights to Australia being mulled over by Sir Richard Branson, we could all be jetting off for a long weekend down under before we hit retirement age.  Here are my top 5 reasons why a holiday to Australia ticks all the right boxes for London’s office worker – whether it’s for a fortnight in 2018 or four days in 2038.

white sand on Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Roz Sheffield Panoramic view of Whitehaven Beach, Australia

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Random Acts of Kindness Day: 5 tips to help spread the love in your office

Has your workplace lost the love? If the atmosphere’s been a little fraught of late, Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th February 2018), is an opportunity to reach out to your fellow workers and spread the love. Often, it’s the smallest random acts of kindness that make the biggest impact.  Our top 5 tried and tested tips will help soothe cranky colleagues and transform petty squabbles – and may even create the conditions for a hug-in at your next team meeting.

mug with a happy face on a desk

Glen Wright Mug with a happy face on an office worker’s desk

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A jaw-dropping afternoon of arty adventure at the Churt Sculpture Park

As a lover of the outdoors, I sometimes resent having to spend my leisure time indoors to visit art galleries and exhibitions.  And this is particularly the case when cooped up in the office all week during our short summer months.  But what if the art world could be teleported outside? This is the premise of the Sculpture Park in Churt, near Farnham, which boasts more than 600 sculptures in ten acres of enchanting gardens.

close up of a wooden tyrannosauras sculpture at the sculpture park in Churt, near Farnham

large wooden tryannosauras sculpture at Churt Sculpture Park

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5 smashing short breaks to kick off 2018

The return to work heralds a whole new year of annual leave opportunities and what better time to plan one or two short breaks.  Whether you’re looking for adventure, culture or beach flopping, we have a selection to excite and inspire you through these dark and gloomy January days.

Gower Peninsula coastline in South Wales

Coastline of the Gower Peninsula, South Wales

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My top Office Breaks of 2017

As another year in the capital whizzes by at lightning speed, we take a moment to pause and reflect on some of the top Office Break outings of 2017.  From submerging myself in a floatation tank to exploring the foothills of the Himalayas, it’s been an action-packed year full of adventure.

approach to Annapurna base camp on the Annapurna Sanctuary trek

Annapurna sanctuary trek in Nepal

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Whipping up Nobu’s famous black cod miso at Sozai Cooking School

As the acclaimed dish-du-jour of Japanese restaurant, Nobu, black cod miso is reserved for wealthy City workers.  But for those who can’t afford to splurge £42.50 on a main course, why not learn to make this Asian foodie delight at home for a fraction of the cost? If you’re yearning to upgrade your culinary skills, Sozai Cooking School is now helpfully offering black cod miso cooking lessons after work.

preparing black cod miso at sozai cooking school

learning to cook black cod with miso sauce at Sozai cooking school

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A lunch break expedition to Villa Walala

A fun palace made out of giant inflatable Liquorice Allsorts is the first thing that springs to mind when I stumble across Villa Walala during my lunch break this week.  A bold mirage in a sea of corporate glass and chrome, the villa invites you to fling off your work shoes and jump head first into this bouncy castle on steroids.

Close up of sign for Villa Walala in Broadgate, City of London

Sign post for Villa Walala, Exchequer Square, Broadgate

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Annual leave: 5 reasons to swap the beach holiday for adventure this summer

“Wouldn’t you prefer two weeks lying on the beach?” exclaimed my bemused work colleague on hearing that I had signed up to a two week trek to Nepal.  Sipping cocktails while sinking my toes into warm sand versus slogging up mountains for days on end. It would seem he had a point.  But deep down, I know that a beach holiday can never compare to the exhilaration of an adventure holiday.  If you fancy shaking up your annual leave, here’s my top 5 reasons why you should swap the beach holiday for adventure this year.

empty beach loungers in Varadero Cuba

Rob Empty beach sun loungers, Cuba

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A weekend hiking on the Gower Peninsula

Tucked away on the south coast of Wales lies a land of golden beaches, winding coastal paths and shady forests. Having just signed up for a trek to Nepal in November, I decided it was time to venture out of the South East and explore new hiking territory in the Gower Peninsula – one of the most remote and un-spoilt corners of the UK.

Close up of hikers on Oxwich Beach, Gower Peninsula

Hiking across Oxwich beach in the Gower Peninsula, South Wales

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5 ways to rock working from home

Second only to a salary increase, working from home is one of the top perks that office workers look for in a new job.  Sadly only 6% of jobs advertise this benefit.  But if you’re one of the lucky few who can kiss goodbye to the commute, how do you cope with this new found freedom?  Here’s my top 5 tips to getting the most from working from home.

close up of knitted sock monkey slippers

mo1229 knitted sock monkey slippers

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